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  • 3.75x3.5 Three Sisters
  • Baker Flowers Original
  • Baker Flowers Wood Print
  • Bison Sticker
  • Black Tusk Journal
  • Black Tusk Sticker
  • Brandywine Fine Art Print
  • Brandywine Meadows Original
  • Canadian Rockies Postcard Pack
  • coasters
  • Delicate Arch Wood Print
  • Garibaldi Moon Phase Journal
  • Garibaldi Sticker
  • Golden Yukon Night
  • Grand Teton NP Print/Postcard
  • Handmade Photo Cards
  • Joshua Tree Wood Print
  • spring wildflower ornaments
  • Sun Earth Moon Art
  • Sunset Tusk Fine Art Print
  • The Heart Tree Project Cards

    Sun Earth Moon Art

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    i am an adventurous landscape artist and photographer who loves sunrises and sunsets, and sharing my passion with others through my art.

    i have been drawing ever since i could hold a crayon in my little hand. i have always themed around nature, beauty, and adventure. my love for art eventually merged into design and photography when i grew older and i wanted to expand my creative atmosphere. art has always been my escape from reality in which i can create worlds unlike our own and explore colours with new eyes. when i pick up a paintbrush, i transport my mind and soul away from my body where i can focus on clearing my thoughts.

    i was inspired to be a photographer by my mom, who was the most unbelievable woman i have ever met. her strength, dedication, and passion for the outdoors is at par with some of the greatest female adventurers. she documented all of her backpacking trips, wilderness canoe trips, and family excursions whenever she had the chance. for her, disappearing into the canadian north for a month was better than any warm beach vacation. when i was first born, she quit her engineering desk job to write outdoor guide books for her favourite river paddles. the first thing she did was strap a lifejacket to my small body to take me canoeing or haul me on her back up mountains.

    when i was 18, my dear mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. this was the low point in my life because i did not understand how such a pure and spirited soul could be taken away from this world. what gave me peace was photography. it made me feel connected to her and every time i am on a high mountain peak or out in the fresh air, i think of her. photography and art has become my world of adventure as i follow in her footsteps.

    i lost sight of my artistic passion after i lost my mom, which is why i was became trapped within my camera lens for the first few years afterwards. it took me a long time to pick up a paintbrush again as i felt lost within art.

    when i thought about finally selling some of my photo prints and artwork, i thought how perfect it would be to raise awareness for one of the most harmful cancers there is. there is still so little research on pancreatic cancer and it has one of the highest mortality rates. by spreading my artwork to other people, i hope to give people a sense of how her and i feel within the realm of beautiful nature and raise money towards cancer research.

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